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tirsdag 11. september 2012

Back in the Hotel

We were both released from the hospital  on Sunday 02.09. I was also admitted because i needed IV nutriton. That is the problem when you are missing half of your intestines and get a bacterial infection. 

Iben Sofie is doing much better. We are so happy that she is doing great again. 

Nora Wilhelmine left last friday night with her grandmother and she is staying with them until we get back. Hopefully that will be at the end of this week or the beginning of next. Now itś all up to the man at the embassy. We have been here long enough, and we are both sick and tired of everything. We want to go home so we can start our life as a family. 
We miss NW so much and we want to go home to her to. 
Today, our DNA test result is leaving Norway and it should get to the embassy by Thursday, IF we are lucky and they work quick there can be a very small chance that we can leave on saturday or sunday. But i wouldńt bet money on it.

To be continued 

Take care

onsdag 29. august 2012

Back in the NICU :-(

So she got this terrible cough (is the spelling correct?) and then she had problems with her breathing. This was on the 15th. We was sure she had a cold and did not see our doc about it. The next day, she got worse and we went to the hospital and got a bag full of medicines to give her. That night was a sleepless one for me, i was so scared for her and felt that i had to be awake and check her. 
We went straight to the hospital the next morning and we got more medicine... 
In the evening we went back again because she was getting worse and worse and the doc admitted her in the NICU. She has been there ever since, today itś thirteen days. And she is still far from being sent home. They have been trying to figure out what is wrong with her, but they didńt before yesterday after a CT. She has a severe lumonia . They have been sucking out secretion of her lungs, nebelized her and she is on IV antibiotics and Oksygen. 

She is taking so much time and i am soon losing my mind about it. It kills me to see her like this, not able to lift her up and hold her like i am supposed to. Now she also wearing a C-PAP and she hates it. She is off her formula and that pisses her off! The c-pap is also giving her a hard time because she turns her had and then its out of position and irritates her. All she does when we are there with her is cry, and then i cry when i leave. 

I really really hope that she will be so much better tomorrow or the day after so they can at least take her off c-pap and let her have her bottle again. 

Well this was a short update from us. 

Mary & co

Me and Iben Sofie the day they thougt it was ok to take her off the Oksygen.

Sorry for my spelling mistakes

søndag 12. august 2012

1 week and 6 days old

They are the most beautiful girls in the world, Nora Wilhelmine and Iben Sofie

Nora Wilhelmine is taking good care of her sister, she wants to hold her hands and protect her all the time

We had to go back to the hospital and Iben Sofie had to spend about 48 hours on photo therapy. It was so boring having to go back, but now she is fine and it is all behind us.

 Nora Wilhelmine in the hote "Rick" at the Marriott Lakeside Charlet. We stayed there for a week, before we moved over to Courtyard. The Courtyard feels more like home to us and we have a lot of friends here. 

 The Drś. Dr. Sudhir with Iben Sofie and Dr. Yash with Nora Wilhelmine. Without the help from these to wonderful persons, our dreams would never have come true! Thank You!

1 day old, Iben Sofie

1 day Old, Nora Wilhelmine 

tirsdag 31. juli 2012

Welcome to the world!

Monday of July Iben Sofie was born at 11.39 Norwegian time. She is a healthy little perfect girl weighing 4150gr :-D and is approximately 52cm long.
Our lovely surrogate as also gave birth to Nora Wilhelmine is doing well after the planned c-section yesterday. We met her husband in the hallway and he saw NW for the second time in 2 years. It was so wonderful to see him again. Cant wait to meet his wife to and the rest of their family. <3

 Nora Wilhelmine is a very proud big sister
Daddy, Nora Wilhelmine and Iben Sofie

We are so proud of both our little girls <3<3

mandag 23. juli 2012

We are leaving on Friday!

Yeah, our long feels like everlasting journey, is about to come to an end again. We are so happy that it is time to meet our dear surrogate again and her family. We are also looking forward to let her meet Nora Wilhelmine, she has told us on Skype that she can't wait to meet her to.
On wednesday we will be entering week 37 and than it will hopefully not be to long to wait for the birth.

Updates will come here :-D

Until then, take care

mandag 14. mai 2012

26 weeks

Juhuuu! Trille 2 is growing! Everything is going fine and we have had 2 skype sessions the last week. It was so lovely to see her now. She is glowing. She is also very happy to see NW and how big she has grown.


torsdag 26. april 2012

24 weeks

We just received a new scan and this time it reveals that our SM has less amniotic fluids. The same happened last time, but the doctors were able to help her and Trille so it was never any danger.
I hope they can do that once again. The pictures were so unclear so its no point in putting them out here. I was so hoping to get a 3D scan this time as promised, but, it might come the next time. A bit disappointing though...

A short quick update from us.

Until next time, take care folks!

torsdag 15. mars 2012

Trille 2

Here he/she is, holding up the right arm. 

Trille 2 is about 15 weeks old here.

On March 22nd is the day for the malformation scan and we will know more. 
If things are still a bit unsure at that point, we will do the amniocentesis test. 
I don't remember if i wrote this but or second triple test came back with perfect results :-D Yeay!

Thanks for the good responds Anu, i am happy to read them and that everything went so well with your baby.

Take care folks!

lørdag 10. mars 2012

Ups and downs.... 17 +3 weeks

I hate the feeling of not knowing what to do or think. 
I don't always understand the reports and sometimes i think it takes a bit to long to get it explained. That leads to a few extra worries for me. 
So our little fetus has a small cyst in the brain and if you google that you will understand what i mean... This happened a few days back and it made us talk a lot about doing a amniocentesis test. We have decided to wait until after the malformation scan that is scheduled on March 22nd. 
Our double marker came back today with a good result so we don't know what to think anymore. We just want to know that our baby is okay. 

We are now 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant and soon at the halfway point. That is just fantastic and although it has been a few bumps in the roads getting this far, we are keeping our fingers crossed for a smooth road to the finish line from now on. 

Until the next post, take care folks!